Check Out the First 'Terra Mystica' Trailer, Game Releases April 20th

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As we wrote about a week ago, the award-winning board game Terra Mystica is coming to mobile on April 20th, and now we have the game’s first trailer that shows the various menus, the art, and more. As you can see from the trailer, the game is all about expanding your area as much as you can using subtle means. Along the way, you construct and upgrade buildings, which provide you with various resources, as well as terraform the land around you. The digital port will also include the expansion Fire and Ice, which adds new competitors for the original factions as well as two new factions to the original 14.

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Terra Mystica will offer both online multiplayer and single-player modes. The game has received a ton of awards, so I’m pretty sure that fans of board games will be quite happy to get their hands on this one. Not too long to go now.

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