'Clash of Clans' Adding Cannon, Archer, and Inferno Levels in Balance Update

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Clash of Clans [Free] is getting ready to introduce June’s balancing update to the game, and today the developers announced the new defensive and offensive content that will be added to the game. Supercell wanted to reassure players that although it’s adding features to the Builder Base, it’s not forgetting the Town Hall, and the June balancing update will actually be focused more on Town Hall than the Builder Base. We are getting new Cannon Level 15 (TH11), with Cannon Levels 10-14 upgrade time or cost being discounted. We are also getting Archer Tower Level 15 (TH11), with Archer Tower levels 9-14 upgrade time or cost also discounted. And we are getting Inferno Tower Level 5 (TH11), with Inferno Tower levels 2-4 upgrade time or cost discounted, Inferno Tower level 4 multi-mode damage increased, and Inferno Tower single-mode 1st stage damage changed to match multi-mode damage.

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On the offensive side of the board, we are getting P.E.K.K.A. Level 6 (TH11), Wizard Level 8 (TH11), Healer Level 5 (TH11), Miner Level 5 (TH11), and Wall Breaker Level 7 (TH11), with Dragon levels 4-6 seeing a hitpoints increase and Hog Rider levels 6-7 also seeing hitpoints increased. Expect the Balance Update to hit soon.

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