Everything you missed from the Battlefield 1 weapons trailer

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Updated UI, new vehicles, new weapons, and possibly horses – everything you may have missed in the recent Battlefield 1 trailer.

DICE released a new Battlefield 1 trailer last night, unexpectedly. The video took a bit of a deep dive into how WW1-era weapons are different from modern ones, and what DICE is doing to ensure they can still be fun to play with.

If you’ve been watching Battlefield 1 footage regularly, you’ll probably have noticed a number of new weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and even UI changes in the footage.

In the video above, Westie lists everything he picked up on in the trailer, including our first look at the T-Gewehr anti-armour rifle, the Auto-5 shotgun, the mortar, revolver and more. We also saw a number of different weapon variants in the trailer.

Particularity interesting is the MG 15n.A LMG, which looked like it had a suppressor on it. Given how Battlefield 1 doesn’t borrow Battlefield 4’s shooting-gets-you-mini-map-spotted mechanic, I’m very curious to see what benefit it’s going to have.

There’s also very short tease of a horse, and some of the other new vehicle models and UI updates.

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