Rocket League modifies its Ranking System

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Rocket League, the popular game that combines racecars and soccer-like action, has decided to modify how it calculates rankings.

Psyonix explained the game’s ranking system in a blog post. Skill tiers are broken down into prospect, challenger, star, and champion. These rankings show the overall skill level of the Rocket League universe. Like most games, the skill level shows that most of the players are “average skill level” with the exception of a few standouts in the champion tier level. It follows the age-old adage that in online video games, there will always be someone better than you. 

In the modification, there will be more players that can advance to higher rankings. How you move up or qualify for the next skill tier has changed. It all depends on what mode of play you’re playing. Each mode has different qualifications to move up in ranking.

The number of people playing each mode will expand so there will be a general increase in higher-ranked players because more people are playing the different modes. The easiest way to have your ranking reflect the modification is to win matches. The quicker you win matches, the faster you’ll move up in ranking.

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