Super Nintendo World Teaser Lets You Tour the Theme Park with Mario

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Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have released a short concept video designed to give would-be attendees an idea of how the Super Nintendo World theme park will look when it opens. Mario acts as our host for the video, taking us through one of his trademark green pipes and into a Mushroom Kingdom-inspired vista.

Super Nintendo World began construction earlier this spring at Universal Studios Japan, where it will premiere sometime before the 2020 Summer Olympics. The park will make its way to other Universal Studios over time.

Anticipation for the theme park has been building since construction crew broke ground in April. Earlier this week, a photograph of a work-in-progress spot in the park surfaced, showing a part of the theme park made to resemble plains levels from 1985’s Super Mario Bros. In May, filed trademarks revealed plans for a go-kart ride based on Nintendo’s Mario Kart series of arcade racers.

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